12 Most Creative Calendar Systems

Friday, June 25, 2010

1. Coffee Cup Calendar
The Creation Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, has an exhibition at the end of each year where they ask a couple of hundred designers from around the world to design or decorate a product. This coffee cup calendar was designed by Takeshi Nishioka.

2. Shredder Calendar
The “Chrono-Shredder”, designed by Susanna Hertrich, is a hybrid object with functions similar to those of a calendar and a clock, but with the difference that it shreds every single day in realtime. Say goodbye to yesterday.

3. Modern Art Perpetual Calendar
Designed by Gideon Dagan for the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1998, this boldly conceived calendar was designed to be used year after year. Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. Made for the Museum using injection-molded plastic and magnets, it can be wall-mounted or used on a desktop.

4. Circle The Date Stickers
These are so fun! You'll be organized and having fun all at the same time with these Circle the Date Stickers. Use them on your photo boxes, scrapbook pages, journals, cards - you can even use these in your pantry! Or, bring them to school or work and use them on your reports or projects that have due dates! The possibilities are endless!

5. Post-it Note Calendar
Paper company Fedrigoni turned to Studio8 Design for their 2010 calendar, which takes the form of a post-it style calendar with a page-per-day, a colour-per-month and the user can fold the day (number) stand up everyday, for a whole year.

6. Calendar Wallpaper
This is a wallpaper that functions like a calendar. Design by Christiaan Postma. With this at home, is impossible to forget a birthday.

7. Eternal Magnetic Calendar
This calendar was awarded the Bronze prize at the Kiev International Advertising Festival ‘08. It features all months abbreviated to 3 letters, a 32 day, “deadline”, “arrival”, “departure”, 5 “drink days” and 1 “don't drink day”. The magnets can be stacked on top of each other to display changing deadlines. Very cool.

8. Calendar Made of Matches
Designed by Yurko Gutsulyak, the idea was to create as unique a calendar so that the process of its presenting would become an outstanding event. Each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days. The matches are real and the construction of the calendar is absolutely safe.

9. Dupont - Corian Calendar
This beautiful desk calendar is a design of Niels-Kjeldsen for Dupont. Its name is "The Corian Calendar". The great thing of it, is that it's a forever lasting calendar, so you only have to purchase one for your whole life time.

10. Creative Calendar 2010
Creative Calendar 2010 By Andrew Ackroyd. The typographical treatment of the calendar is based on the instantly recognizable eye charts, familiar to anyone who has visited opticians. The individual days can be identified using a magnetic magnifying glass. The back page will be a magnetic sheet which the magnifying glass will stick to. The pages and magnetic sheet will be wiro-bound together at the top, and there will also be a hole in the middle for the calendar to be hung from.

11. Timor Perpetual Calendar
Timor perpetual calendar by Enzo Mari. Inspired by the childhood memory of train signage, the timor is an interactive flip calendar that will instantly give your desk a retromodern face-lift.

12. Ink Calendar
Ink Calendar designed by Spanish designer Oscar Diaz is an unusual calendar that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date. Each day the ink spreads across a sheet of paper of a month displaying new date – the ink is absorbed slowly and therefore numbers are displayed every day. So you need to change paper and ink every month. Moreover the inks are of different colors, depending on our perception of the weather on that month (3 shades of green in spring, orange and red in summer, yellow in autumn, dark blue in December).



15 Unfortunately Placed Ads

Advertising can be creative and even purposely funny. But sometimes, an ad on a bad place can have unexpected results! Here is a list of 15 unfortunately Placed Ads.



5 People That Sold Their Souls To The Devil

There have been rumors of possible instances that someone has sold their soul to the devil. Musicians and writers, alike, are often accused of making a pact with the devil in order to become successful. There are some well known instances out there that indicate that someone has made a pact with the devil.

Niccolo Paganini
Niccolo Paganini was a musician in the late 1700s. He was handed the mandolin at an early age and at the tender age of seven, he was learning the violin. By the age of eleven, he was performing solos and by the age of thirteen, he was known as a violin virtuoso. At the age of nineteen, he was beginning to compose his own music and learning how to play the guitar. At the age of 23, he composed the hardest work for a violinist to play and at the age of 27, he was touring and mesmerizing audiences. He had lost is bottom teeth, looked pale and began dressing in black. It was rumored that he had sold his soul to the devil. Although he didn’t start the rumor, he did nothing to thwart the rumor and in fact encouraged people to believe it. When he was asked about it, he asked them how else would it be possible for him to play the way he does? ( full story )

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson was a blues musician that had a short lived life. He passed away at the age of 27 and not much is really known about his life. His music influenced some of the musicians of the 50s and 60s. He was one of the first musicians inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. He was living on the plantation when his desire to become a great blues musician came about. Someone told him to take his guitar to the Crossroads at midnight near Dockery Plantation. When he arrived, the devil was waiting and took his guitar from him. The devil tuned the guitar and played a few songs on it. Once he handed it back to Robert, the pact was made and he was able to sing, play and create the blues. ( full story )

Johann Georg Faust
Johann Georg Faust was a German alchemist. In 1507, it was said that he was a con man and a drifter that would prey on the gullible. He was said to have molested several boys in Kreuznach. In 1509, he obtained a degree in divinity. At the University of Krakow, he studied magic and befriended Martin Luther and Philip Melachton. These two men were said to have witnessed Johann’s pact with the devil. He worked at the University of Ehrfut, where it was said that he was lecturing on Homer and conjured up his heroes for the students. He was soon asked to resign and offered repentance. It was then that he admitted to having the pact with the devil. He told Dr. Klinge, a Franciscan monk, that he trusted the devil more than he did God. ( full story )

Urbain Grandier
Urbain Grandier was a French Catholic priest. He was burned at the stake for committing the crime of witchcraft. He was known for breaking his vow of celibacy and becoming a philanderer. In 1603, a few nuns accused him of bewitching them and sending a demon to commit unspeakable acts with them. According to the legend, his pact stated his allegiance to the devil and is renunciation of the Christian faith. In turn, it was promise to Grandier that he would have the love of women, wealth, and worldly honor. This pact was written backwards and in Latin and it is still available to be seen at Bibliotheque Nationale in France. ( full story )

Jonathan Moulton
(Jonathan Moulton House)
Jonathan Moulton was a cabinet maker that became a captain in the New Hampshire Militia in 1745. He played an important role in the claiming of the land from the Ossipee Native Americans. When the war ended in 1749, he got married to Abigail Smith and they had eleven children. He opened a store that imported goods from Europe and East India. As legend has it, the young couple struggled for quite sometime and Jonathan told his wife that he would sell his soul to the devil in order for them to have the wealth that he wanted. The neighbors reported seeing a stranger pay a visit to the couple at the first of every month. The couple was suddenly rich and the rumor was that the devil would fill Jonathan’s boots with gold coins each month. He was never satisfied with what he had, so he tried to trick the devil. He bought bigger boots and still wasn’t satisfied with how much money he was acquiring. So, then he drilled a hole in the floor to have an endless supply of money. Supposedly, the devil caught on after the second month and burned the house down. Jonathan rebuilt a house on the same spot and it is still standing today. ( full story )



10 Most Bizarre Mirror

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1. Razorblade Mirror
A nice piece of design from Suck UK, the Razorblade Mirror is based on the shape of a typical razorblade. Designed by Phil Sims and ideal for a novelty shaving mirror or just an interesting decoration for your living room wall, it's even got the name of the most famous razorblade-user of all on the front - Sweeney Todd. Razor Blade Mirror is selling for £74.99. The price is pretty high for a mirror. So, make sure you are not buying this mirror only for just a “mirror”!

2. Narcisse Mirror
French design brand Domestic has launched a collection of mirrors by various designers including Matali Crasset, 5.5 Designers and Ich&Ka. According to their website, Narcisse is a collection of artists' mirrors, in which other than the qualities linked to its reflective functions, the key aspect of the mirror resides generally in the quality, design and workmanship of its frame.

3. Ironing Board Mirror
An interesting concept by designer Aïssa Logerot, this innovative mirror can be used as ironing board when it's tilted and secured on horizontal position. According to the designer, "this object is a link between two consecutive actions: iron clothes and dress up."

4. How Tall Are You Mirror
Are you mini like Kylie? Or a mountain like Hulk Hogan? Measuring your height with numbers is so last decade, we all gauge our heights by celebrity now darling. This tongue-in-cheek mirror lists 120 celebrities by height and guarantees to have people loitering in front of it trying to make themselves more James Dean instead of Ben Stiller.

5. Touch Screen MP3 Mirror
No longer is a mirror just a mirror – Stocco Maitre mirror has a touch screen console in the lower-right corner, offering easy programming and operation of radio, date, barometer, and an MP3 player so you can sing your heart out in the shower or while dressing out!

6. Interactive Mirror
Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.
Conceptualized by Alpay Kasal, this is a patent pending touch capable mirror. The interactive mirror features proximity sensors, gesturing, and both nearfield and farfield infrared.

7. Tetris Mirror
UK product designer Soner Ozenc's Tetris Mirror is comprised of thirteen interlocking mirrored acrylic panels, which can be arranged on your wall to form a rectangle, or broken apart into their individual puzzle blocks. Hopefully, these pieces won't fall down at the same speed they do in the classic arcade game or you'll have more than a few years of bad luck on your hands.

8. Eclipse Mirror
Bodo Sperlein has designed a mirror using not one branded material but two: Corian and Swarovski crystals.

9. Weave Mirror
The Weave Mirror uses 768 individual strips which are woven together into a grid. As passersby walk in front of the work, motors adjust the woven strips to change the greyscale intensity of that particular X/Y coordinate on the grid. When you step back, it forms the illusion of a real-time mirror. Design by the artist Daniel Rozin's.

10. Skull Mirror
Skull mirror also called Halloween mirror! Scary!!



10 Bizarre and Scary Torture Methods

Monday, June 7, 2010

In Medieval times, they sought out ways to cut back on crime. Instead of letting the criminals sit in a jail cell, like today, they would use different torture devices. These devices came in all shapes and sizes and were meant to scare other would be criminals into not doing the crimes committed by the person being tortured. Let’s check these weird torture methods

10. The Brazen Bull
This device was designed in Greece by Perillos of Athens. He was a brass founder and he cast the shape of a hollow bull with a door on the side. This condemned person was shut in the bull. There was a fire lit underneath the device and because it was brass it became yellow hot, which would cause the person to roast to death. It was configured with tubes and stops, so when the person was screaming it would sound like the bull was raging.

9. The Breaking Wheel
This wheel of torture was used to kill criminals and it did that very slowly. This device was a large wagon wheel. The criminal would be tied to the wheel, where the punisher would proceed to use a hammer to break the bones of the other person. Once that was completed, they were left there to die and even the birds would peck at their flesh until death was complete.

8. The Rack
This device is an oblong rectangle with a wooden frame. It was raised from the ground with a roller either at one end or at both ends. One end had a fixed bar, where the feet were locked onto it, and the other end had a moveable bar, where the hands were tied to it. It had a lever that was used as the interrogation progressed. It was on a lever and pulley system that would eventually cause the joints of the person being tortured to dislocate and then separate. Eventually, the muscle fibers userbin, ligaments, and cartilage would break separating the limbs from the body of the condemned.

7. Judas Cradle
This torture device is a pyramid shaped seat. The victim is placed on top of it, with the point inserted into an orifice, then they are very slowly lowered onto it. The condemned was usually naked in order to add to their humiliation. This device was thought to stretch the orifice or to slowly impale the person. The stretching of the orifice would cause pain, rips and tears, which would eventually cause death.

6. Coffin Torture
This device was used in the Middle Ages. The condemned would be placed in the metal coffin and left there for the appropriate amount of time. Depending on the crime, the person could be left in there to die, while animals ate their flesh or they would be placed on public display, which would cause their death. The people that would surround the person in the coffin would throw rocks and poke the person with objects until they finally became deceased.

5. Iron Maiden
This iron cabinet with a hinged front was made to be a tall upright cabinet that would enclose a human being. It would have a small opening, which was closeable, so the interrogator would be able to open and close it at their will. They would then poke the bodies of the person with a sharp object. They would use knives, spikes, or nails and the person inside was forced to remain standing in one position, ultimately causing their demise.

4. The Knee Splitter
The whole purpose of this device was to make a person’s knees useless. It was used in mainly during the Inquisitional period of time. This device was faceted with spikes, from three to twenty of them, and depending on the crime committed, depended on the number used. IT had a handle the torturer would use to close the device. The spikes would mutilate the skin and begin to crush the knee. They would also use the device on elbows, arms and the lower legs. There were even instances that they would heat the device to cause a maximum amount of pain. Death wasn’t a result of this device, but it the person refused to cooperate they would use other means.

3. Heretic’s Fork
This device was used during the Spanish Inquisition. It has two forks at opposing ends of a metal rod. One of the forks would be placed under the chin, piercing the skin, and the other end would be piercing the flesh in the upper chest. It didn’t puncture any vital organs, so death would not take place during the use of this method, but it made talking and neck movements impossible. While wearing this device a person’s hands would be tied behind their backs, so they could not escape it. It would harm the person’s neck and, often times, spread diseases.

2. Saw Torture
This method was used to torture and kill the condemned person, which were typically accused of witchery, adultery, murder, blasphemy, or theft. The accused was hung upside down. This slowed down the blood loss by forcing the blood to the brain and it humiliated the person. This type of torture could last for several hours. Some of the victims would be cut completely in half, while some would only be cut up to their abdomen in order to prolong their deaths.

1. Thumbscrew
This was used to get a confession from the offenders. The fingers of the person were placed in the device and crushed by the torturer turning the handle on the top. It could last for a very long time and it was very painful. This was also used to crush a person’s toes. They even made bigger versions of this device used to crush feet, knees, elbows and even heads.



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